A women in a safety harness takes a photo while crouching outside on the top of a wind turbine, with a view of the lake.

The First Nations Energy Education Exchange is a networking and knowledge-sharing initiative led by Relay Education in collaboration with the Chiefs of Ontario and funded by the IESO’s Education and Capacity Building Program.

Program Overview

This program aims to support capacity building and facilitate knowledge–sharing among First Nations leaders seeking to get their community involved in energy developments or who are already involved in projects and are seeking guidance on particular challenges.

We will develop and refine a series of resources, informed through workshops and key contact conversations to create a “First Nations Energy Development Toolkit”. Toolkit content will be prioritized based on needs and feedback provided by project participants. Our goal is to hear from many voices and perspectives to create resources that allow First Nations to move projects forward.

This project builds on the work of the First Nations Electricity Report: An Energy Literacy Tool to Support Meaningful Participation by COO and produced by TREC Co-operative. To order copies of the First Nations Electricity Report please visit: http://www.chiefs-of-ontario.org/node/1328

Community Energy Workshop for Northern & Northwestern Ontario First Nations

Thunder Bay | May 2017

Presentation Files

Community Energy Workshop for Eastern and Northeastern Ontario First Nations

Nipissing First Nation | September 2016

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Community Energy Workshop for Southern Ontario First Nations

Walpole Island First Nation | June 2016

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This initiative was made possible in part through the financial support of the Independent Electricity System Operator’s (IESO) Education and Capacity Building Program.

Relay Education is solely responsible for implementation of this initiative, and the IESO has no responsibility or liability whatsoever in the event that any person suffers any losses or damages of any kind as a result of the initiative.