Green Skill Academy
Green Skill Academy

The Green Skills Academy offers career training in solar installation, sustainable agriculture, geographic information systems mapping, and wind energy operations. 

Green Skills Academy is committed to providing these courses to underserved and underrepresented communities. We are prioritizing people who are Black, Indigenous, part of other racialized communities, newcomers, women, and gender diverse. The program will help address barriers to employment that these populations face.

Courses and internships are provided by Relay Education and our partners, including post-secondary institutions, from across Canada. 

Solar Installation

Learn the fundamentals of rooftop solar energy systems in a 4-week training course.

Gain skills in the trades for wind energy operations in a 4-week training course.

Learn how to use Geographic Information Systems mapping for solar energy projects in a 12-week training course.

Learn how to grow food sustainably and build greenhouses, vertical farms, and gardens in a multi-week training course.