Green Careers

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The Green Careers program offers opportunities for youth to explore and build exciting careers in sustainability, energy, and environmental industries.

We bring youth, business and teachers together to grow relationships, share knowledge, and develop skills that will lead to a better future for people and the planet.

Green Skill Academy

The Green Skills Academy offers career training in solar installation, sustainable agriculture, geographic information systems mapping, and wind energy operations.

Interactive workshops that focus on exploring career opportunities in the Green Economy.

In the Green Chair is a podcast for anyone looking to start or grow their green career. Guests share their professional experience to help us uncover the diverse opportunities that exist in the green economy.

Take a Green Career Quiz and explore jobs in sustainability, clean energy or environmental industries to find out opportunities might match your skills and interests.

Green Internships

The Green Internships program is helping young people gain skills and work experience with paid positions at environmental businesses.