Relay Stories

2021 Annual Report

Relay Education's annual report for 2020-2021 is available.

Young adults attend new ‘Solar Power Camp’

"I’m very happy to know that the future of solar will be bright with the positive intentions and empowerment of youth."

2021-22 Program Impact Report

18,182 youth reached in North America.

Students build renewable energy models at 14th energy festival

Over 1800 elementary students learned about environmental and energy topics with Relay Education’s facilitators in online classrooms.

Moving towards electrification

The transition away from oil has begun, and electrification is a major solution to our future energy needs.

Why green internships are worth it

Four young employees and employers share their experience about why green internships are beneficial, and how funding for longer-term placements is important for both.

Passionate people in Canada’s green economy

Protecting the environment is a core value of people working in the green economy, and it drives them to be in the jobs they have today.

Providing youth with free STEM workshops about the environment and energy

Interactivity and student-led learning are at the heart of our delivery.

Geothermal energy in Fort Nelson First Nation

We had descended into full Canadian winter, and were going to spend our days talking about heat.

So, what exactly is energy storage?

Energy storage is important as more renewable energy projects are added to the grid because it brings stability to the on and off power sources.