Season 3 of In The Green Chair Podcast




Written by: Kelly Park, Communications Manager

We’re back! Our podcast, In the Green Chair, returns for a third season. For the past three years, we’ve welcomed a young person to be the Podcast Host and Producer, as we learn about green careers from inspiring people who help the planet. Each episode we talk to a different guest, so you can learn about various jobs and topics in the green economy.

For season 3, meet the new host of In the Green Chair, Madison Kendal.

This season will feature amazing guests, whose work makes a difference and whose stories will inspire you. We’ll learn more about sustainability and the green economy together.

The first interview is about sustainability in the film industry with Smiely Khurana. Smiely is a film producer, podcaster and currently works as the Reel Green™ Sustainability Lead at Creative BC. Give the episode a listen here or wherever you listen to podcasts.


Madison and I chatted about the launch of this season and what she’s bringing to the green chair.

Conversation below:

Kelly: So Madison, what’s it like to be the host of a podcast?

Madison: In a word, thrilling. The experience is equal parts challenging and fulfilling, and I love getting to be curious professionally

Madison: I’m looking forward to exploring familiar industries through a sustainability lens, as well as introducing listeners to a few unexpected green career paths.

Kelly: Our first guest, Smiely Khurana, had a wonderful message about knowing your value regardless of your experience or position. I can’t wait to share more genuine insights from our guests this season.


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Kelly: What can listeners expect will be different with you as host and any plans for this season?

Madison: I’m new to the world of green careers, so we’ll be learning a lot together. As for plans this season…we’ll be venturing off the beaten path.

Kelly: How have your interviews been so far?

Madison: Enlightening! It’s been eye-opening and inspiring to learn from our guests, who all come from vastly different industries, about the troubles and triumphs they’ve encountered throughout their careers.

Kelly: How would you describe the value of sustainability in traditional job role?

Madison: Imperative. Sustainability needs to be reframed by those in traditional roles as a principle, and must be prioritized over profit, no matter what profession a person considers themselves a part of.

Kelly: Last question, why do you think it’s important that we highlight green careers?

Madison: I’m a proponent of the saying, “when we know better, we do better.” Regardless of age or stage, people deserve to know that there are an infinite number of paths forward that can lead to careers centred around caring about the planet and its longevity. Caring is cool.

— conversation ends —


As Madison said, caring is cool. The In the Green Chair podcast is a resource to our Green Careers Program that offers people an introduction to careers in sustainability. Hearing from real people working in traditional and non-traditional jobs is important to show the possibilities in the green economy. Youth are considering a lot more when applying to jobs today, including what the company’s sustainability mandates are, what effect their job has and how it may align with their values.

Working in the green economy aligns with people’s passions, values and needs. We look forward to showcasing more people whose work fits into this green triangle. Tune in every other week for a new episode on In the Green Chair. Available wherever you listen to podcasts.