3 tips on booking a STEM workshop

So, you’re interested in a Relay Education School Workshop. Awesome! This post will give you key information on things to consider when choosing how to book an elementary workshop with us.

Explore energy and the environment through our hands-on programs, where kids become scientists and engineers! Students investigate conservation, climate change, electricity, energy topics and more with our team of professional facilitators.

Keep in mind, we’re only an email away if you want to ask a quick question or register now.

Tips for Booking a Relay Workshop

Tip 1: Know your Goals

Are you looking for hands-on experiments and student led learning? 

We’ve got you! All our workshops involve hands-on experiments and demonstrations. Students work together in groups to complete different activities using a variety of equipment and technology. 

Are you trying to meet a specific curriculum unit?  

If so, do you want us to come before it starts or as a great end to your unit? Either way, we’re happy to have our professional facilitators be the visiting specialist in your classroom. 

We can help meet your curriculum needs. Our workshops are tailored to fit your grade, region, and students. All our workshops are tailored to the education curriculum set by different regions in Canada. If you’re looking to cover specific units or links, let us know and we can help you choose which workshop would be best. 

Are you interested in a specific topic?

If you’re looking to narrow in on a certain topic, browse through our list of workshops below, or send us a message and we’ll help you find what workshop may best suit your needs. 

Topics we focus on and the related workshop title: 

  • Wind Energy – Capture the Wind 
  • Solar Energy – Plug in the Sun 
  • Water Conservation – Where Water Flows 
  • Energy Conservation – Concentrate on Conservation 
  • Climate Change – Concentrate on Conservation 
  • Electrical Energy/Electricity – All of our workshops touch on electricity, but consider either Wind, Solar or Safety Spark 
  • Electrical Safety – Safety Spark 
  • Biogas Energy – Digest This 
  • Energy Resources – Any of the renewable energy workshops will touch on this, but Concentrate on Conservation will give a broader understanding 


Tip 2: Decide what form of delivery works best for you 


In-Depth and Easy. 75 minutes of interactive, engaging learning for students where they will be able to take part in live demonstrations online with one of our professional facilitators.

In Person

We come to you! Our most popular choice. We join your students in your classroom for a half day of learning.

Do you want a full day experience? 

Our Renewable Energy Design Challenges offer a workshop in the morning followed by an afternoon of designing and building renewable energy models (solar cars and wind turbines!). More info on our design challenges here

Live in a more remote or rural location?  

Virtual is great, but a combo option is available! Our virtual workshops are available anywhere with an internet connection, so we also offer mailing design challenge materials ahead of time to remote locations for the Design Challenges only, and then lead the learning together online. Shipping costs are additional.

Tip 3: Get in touch

Register online in 3 simple steps to book a workshop for your students.  

Send us an email letting us know what you’re interested in 

Give us a call and someone will get back to you. Toll-free: 866-308-6898  


Our programs supplement your classroom activities with Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics curriculum linked workshops. Relay Education is a registered non-profit delivering education programs across Canada.