Grade 4-8

Renewable Energy Design Challenge

Students will harness their imaginations, creativity, and technical ability while fulfilling curriculum expectations.


Let’s build solar cars and wind turbines!

Choose a challenge for your class. Students will participate in one of our solar or wind workshops followed by an introduction to the Design Challenge. (Workshop pages: Plug in the SunCapture the Wind or Concentrate on Conservation)

We offer half day and full day options for these programs. In the full day option, our facilitator will complete the building with your students. In the half day option, you will complete the building with your students on your own.

All challenges include a Teacher Building Guide and the essential building materials. Students are tasked to use found or recycled items to complete and enhance their models.

Wind Design Challenge

Your students will build a model wind turbine that generates electricity. This is an engineering activity that involves creativity, problem solving and teamwork. Students are provided building materials for blades, the rotor and the wiring for a load. Students also are provided one multimeter to be shared by the class. Your class will receive materials for 6 wind turbines.

 Solar Design Challenge

The solar car challenge is a hands-on building activity that involves circuits, electricity, and renewable energy. The Solar Design Challenge builds upon the excitement from our Plug in the Sun workshop and gives students the freedom to create their own cars. Students are provided with a solar panel, motor, axle, gears, wheel and body. Your class will receive materials for 6 solar cars.


Cost of Shipping is not included in these fees and will be added additionally after your order is confirmed.

Each challenge includes 6 models per class.

Full Day Option Half Day Option
$330 Wind Challenge

$390 Solar Challenge

$280 Wind Challenge

$340 Solar Challenge

Design Challenges are available in


The students loved building the turbines and they were SO proud of themselves and excited when they got the light bulb to light up!

Grade 5 Teacher