Green Skills Academy breaks down barriers with free job training across Canada



Written by: Ive Velikova, Green Skills Training Coordinator


Relay Education is thrilled to announce the launch of our Green Skills Academy. The Green Skills Academy offers free career training courses in solar installation, wind energy operations, geographic information systems (GIS) mapping, and sustainable agriculture.

The Green Skills Academy program was created to address the shortage of qualified solar and wind energy workers, increase hiring of local people in community food projects and increase knowledge of GIS applications for solar energy projects. Courses provide hands-on learning and networking opportunities provided by Relay Education and our partners, including post-secondary institutions, across Canada. This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Workforce Solutions Program.

“Talking about the clean economy transition is important, but talk must be put into action,” says Andrew Cahill, Green Careers Program Manager. “To achieve Canada’s goal of a net-zero electricity grid by 2035, we must train future green professionals and re-skill the current workforce. The Green Skills Academy provides just that: practical knowledge and tools for people that want to work in the green economy.”


Relay is committed to making the training as accessible as possible to equity-deserving communities, specifically Black Canadians, Indigenous people, racialized communities, newcomers, and women. We’re breaking down barriers to green jobs by making all training free and covering the cost of equipment, accommodation, and childcare.

“The last decade has seen a positive shift in public opinion and policy on climate change,” says Katrina Gorrie, British Columbia Coordinator. “This presents an incredible opportunity for change within our economy. But these changes won’t happen without a passionate and skilled workforce behind them. The Green Skills Academy can remove some of the barriers people face in acquiring the skills to participate in the green economy.”


The Green Skills Academy courses have launched, and registration is open on our website.

Learn more about each course:

Solar Installation

Duration: 1 month

Delivery: Full-time, in-person

Locations: Toronto, ON; Okanagan Valley, BC; more to come

The Solar Installation course will introduce you to electricity and solar energy basics, provide a hands-on opportunity to install solar panels on a demo roof, and deliver certifications essential to working in the solar industry (First Aid, Working at Heights, Electricity Safety). By the end of the course, participants will have basic knowledge and skills to apply for jobs in the solar industry.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping for Solar

Duration: 3 months

Delivery: Virtual, 5-15 hours/week (flexible)

GIS is a valuable skill that employers are looking for in the sustainability sector. The GIS Mapping for Solar course covers 120 hours of GIS concepts to better understand solar energy, investment opportunities, land-use policies, and data visualization techniques. You’ll also learn about the social and political side of solar energy, providing an understanding of how to map solar in communities across Canada.

Participants interested in this course should have a basic knowledge of GIS.

Wind Operations

Duration: 1 month

Delivery: Full-time, in-person

Locations: Lethbridge, AB, Summerside, PEI

The Wind Operations training course is an introduction to wind energy operations, maintenance, and careers in the wind energy industry. The courses provide the knowledge and skills needed to work in the wind industry as entry-level Wind Energy Technicians. You’ll access networking opportunities and essential certifications (Working in Confined Spaces, Fall Protection, Working at Heights, First Aid).

Sustainable Agriculture

Duration: 1 month

Delivery: Full-time, in-person

Locations:  Indigenous communities across Canada

The Sustainable Agriculture course provides participants with the knowledge to build and work in greenhouses, vertical farming, and outdoor gardens. Training includes hands-on experience growing food, making a food security project, and learning farming fundamentals. This course prepares participants for employment in sustainable agriculture and food security projects.

“The Green Skills Academy will positively impact community development,” says Yury Rodriguez, Green Skills Academy Coordinator for GIS Mapping for Solar. “Canadians are more interested than ever in contributing to a green economy, so the Green Skills Academy will provide skills, knowledge, and network to be the change the world needs.”


Over the next year, these courses will grow Canada’s green workforce. These courses are intended for equity-deserving groups, which will help break down the barriers that have held many people back from accessing renewable energy and sustainability jobs.

There has never been a better time to shift towards green jobs. The Green Skills Academy will help grow the green economy and diversify Canada’s employment demographics.