Relay Stories

Tips on teaching 9 months into a pandemic

Here’s what tools, materials and lessons we’ve learned on how to adapt to changing learning environments over the past 9 months.

Where our electricity comes from in Canada

Moving water (hydro) provides 60% of Canada’s electricity generation. Learn more about what other sources we use for power.

Education is a mitigation tool for climate change

By grounding ourselves in the ideal that "if people know better, they will do better" we can educate a wide range of people about climate change and inspire them to take action.

2020-2021 Programming Overview

Relay Education has re-designed our renewable energy and environment programs to be available online and in-person in response to the challenges of COVID-19.

End of summer reading list

Here's our staff's recommendations of books that have helped us to decompress, learn and reflect during the last long days of summer.

Thanos Environmentalism: A response to Jeff Gibbs’ documentary

A film that so flagrantly gets the facts wrong on renewable energy while also offering no solutions to the climate crisis of its own – beyond a tacit endorsement of population control from a slew of old white talking heads – is truly upsetting.

Five fun and simple outdoor activities for kids

In this blog, we want to share easy activities that you can do anywhere outside. And we mean anywhere!

Great eco movies for you and the kids

Here's our favourite environmental movies and shows to watch during COVID-19, when we're exhausted but still want to something stimulating for the kids. Switch off the lights and turn on one of our recommendations.

COVID-19 Update: Relay Education’s Response

While most of us are struggling with the many challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, Relay is committed to helping in the best way we know how...

University students learn how to build solar array

Before physical distancing measures came into effect, I had the opportunity to lead York University students in the construction of...