Relay Stories

Spring brings new Relay workshops

Learn about the new workshops we've added to our online programming

A brief history: windmills to wind turbines

For a long time I thought of wind turbines as somewhat futuristic, and not an invention that goes back over 100 years.

Small-scale renewable technology on a prairie farm

See some of the ways farmers are using renewable energy, especially for watering purposes, on our Saskatchewan Coordinator's family ranch.

Reading and listening In the Green Chair

Reading recommendations from the awesome guests of the In the Green Chair Podcast.

Relay’s first international workshop

Families in New York state designed and built model solar cars with us

Ways to make the holidays more planet-friendly

Here are our tips for more sustainably minded gifts and activities for this time of year

Tips on teaching 9 months into a pandemic

Here’s what tools, materials and lessons we’ve learned on how to adapt to changing learning environments over the past 9 months.

Where our electricity comes from in Canada

Moving water (hydro) provides 60% of Canada’s electricity generation. Learn more about what other sources we use for power.

Education is a mitigation tool for climate change

By grounding ourselves in the ideal that "if people know better, they will do better" we can educate a wide range of people about climate change and inspire them to take action.

2020-2021 Programming Overview

Relay Education has re-designed our renewable energy and environment programs to be available online and in-person in response to the challenges of COVID-19.