Spring brings new Relay workshops

Since the beginning of 2021, we have developed three new workshops in our virtual suite. This post provides an overview and highlights of the new programs and why they are a perfect option for students in the coming months.

This school year we have been able to engage over 380 classes country-wide with our programs. We have received great feedback from the teachers and students that we have been working with. Here are some comments that have been made about our programs:

“One of our classes did a workshop this morning and said it was incredible – the engagement was like nothing they had seen before for that group of students. Thank you so much for this opportunity!” – Teacher from Northwest Catholic District School Board

“Thank you sooo much!  You basically covered my Gr. 5 science unit of Conservation of Energy or at least gave it a really thorough introduction. The kids were highly engaged. Very appreciated.” –  Grade 4/5 teacher from the Lambton Kent District School Board

“We had lots of positive feedback from the kids – they especially appreciated the opportunity to take part! They all wanted to try the post workshop activities and you were very patient, knowledgeable and engaging. Let me know if another opportunity opens, I will definitely book another workshop!” – Principal at Elementary school in Owen Sound


Check out the new programs below! To register for any of the workshops, click here or click the register button at the bottom of the post. 😊

#1: Safety Spark!

The Safety Spark workshop is about how to be safe using the mighty power of electricity!

During the curriculum-linked workshop, students will learn how to practice safety around electricity in our homes and communities. Students complete activities that use everyday electronics and electrical infrastructure to explore different scenarios about how to use and interact with these objects safely.

Understanding the do’s and don’ts of electrical safety is an essential part to the world of energy. Safety Spark keeps this serious topic fun, engaging and helpful for students.

(grades 5-6)


#2: Concentrate on Conservation

The Concentrate on Conservation workshop focuses on understanding energy conservation and renewable energy. Students learn about electricity, over-consumption and its impact on biodiversity. Students will participate in experiments, complete activities, answer questions and learn how solar and wind power work.

This workshop is full of creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills as it combines environmental stewardship with STEM in an engaging way.

(grades 4-6)


#3: Climate Change and Renewables

The Climate Change and Renewables workshop is designed to inspire deeper thinking on the impacts of climate change and the use of renewable energy technology. Students provide live responses, discuss and learn about climate change adaptation and renewable energy solutions.

Students use critical thinking, observe experiments and complete activities to explore these urgent environmental topics.

(grades 9-12)


Relay Education continues to evolve and adapt to the changes we are facing with new virtual interactive, STEM focused programs for youth across Canada. We have more workshops in development and will continue to offer high quality programs focused on energy and the environment.