Grade 4-7

Safety Spark!

Students will learn important safety information about electricity in the home and their communities.

The Safety Spark workshop is about learning how to be safe using the mighty power of electricity! During the curriculum-linked workshop, students will learn how to practice safety around electricity in our homes and communities. Students complete activities that use everyday electronics and electrical infrastructure to explore different scenarios about how to use and interact with these objects safely.

In the workshop, students will provide real-time answers to electrical safety situations that they see every day at home. We also as discuss electrical safety in our communities, learning about power lines, transformers, contact voltage and other possible outdoor electrical safety hazards.

We will discuss how we can be ready for power outages and how to prepare for them by building an emergency kit we can keep at home.

All workshops will be suited to meet the relevant Science and Technology curriculum links for your class.

Due to COVID-19: Relay Education is offering a variety of delivery methods, including virtual workshops, to keep students safe while learning. Read more >

Virtual Workshop Fees

$90 for first workshop. Additional workshop is $80 each.

In-Class Workshop Fees

First Workshop: $185

Additional Workshops: $135 each