A 100% renewable energy future means a healthy and prosperous planet for everyone.

The production and use of energy affects our health, our planet and our economy. To reach our vision of 100% renewable energy and mitigate climate change we need you, and our communities, to take action.

Children and Families

Energy literacy is essential for youth, as they become future leaders and energy advocates.

Hands-on energy education offers kids the chance to explore real life practices of the science topics they learn in school. Learning about the science of energy develops engineering and math comprehension, and hands-on activities help build self-confidence and strengthen social skills.

Beyond the classroom, energy literacy is key to making informed decisions about where our energy comes from. With the right approach everyone can learn how to become responsible energy consumers.


How energy is generated and distributed has tremendous impact on our communities, from household electricity bills, to pollution and local jobs. It takes informed people advocating for local sustainable energy initiatives for change to occur.

When people from diverse communities and backgrounds work together there are regional benefits, such as community-owned renewable energy projects, energy savings from solar panels on city buildings and investment in the local economy.

Act Locally, Think Globally

As global citizens, we have a responsibility to consume energy sensibly and play a role in protecting our planet. In order to fight the ongoing impacts of climate change, stop air pollution, and help stabilize the economy – we need to support the transition to 100% renewables.

When people are provided with access to energy education and resources, change happens. By educating people about energy infrastructures and the environmental links to energy, everyone can participate in the global movement for a healthy planet.

We are building a renewable future

You are vital in the renewables revolution. Join in the movement towards a better future.

It’s no longer a question of how we will transition to 100% renewables, but when. Relay Education has been a part of the movement for over 10 years. Here’s how we are working with others to achieve it.


The individual impact of hands-on, in-depth learning creates light bulb moments everyday. Our student workshops create lasting impressions that don’t end in the classroom.

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Working in collaborative partnership with communities can spur change at the local and global level. That’s why we’re co-developing programs with Indigenous communities and other environmental groups.

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Access to information on the connection between energy and the environment is essential and should be fun! That’s why we’re out in communities across Canada, bringing activities and workshops to as many people as possible.

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