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Virtual Workshops and Programs Available during COVID-19 Relay Education offers a variety of delivery methods to keep students safe while learning during COVID-19 Learn more


We make science fun! Due to COVID-19 we are re-designing all our workshops to be available online and in-person. We are here to help you deliver great science education, while maintaining safe health guidelines.

Explore the world of energy through our workshops where kids become engineers - building wind turbines and solar energy systems. Students investigate energy, conservation, and electricity topics with our team of professional facilitators.


All workshops are available virtually and in-person.

We lead dynamic workshops consisting of exciting demonstrations and interactive experiments using our unique wind, solar and biogas models. Workshops are linked to STEM curriculum and provide a comprehensive introduction to a unit or reinforce lessons already covered.
Where Water Flows Grade 4-8

Where Water Flows

We will dive into your local water waterways and learn how to help protect them.

Concentrate on Conservation Grade 4-6

Concentrate on Conservation

Explore how energy transfers & simple ways to conserve energy

Capture the Wind Grade 5-6

Capture the Wind

Build a model wind turbine and use it as a simple circuit to power a light bulb

Safety Spark! Grade 4-7

Safety Spark!

we learn how to be safe using the mighty power of electricity.

Plug in the Sun Grade 4-7

Plug in the Sun

Harness the energy of the sun using PV solar panels

Digest This! Grade 4-7

Digest This!

Explore how the digestion of organic waste can be used as renewable energy

Design Challenges

Renewable Energy Design Challenge Grade 4-8

Renewable Energy Design Challenge

Students build their own renewable energy models

Field Trips

Located at Exhibition Place, in central Toronto, field trips include a hands-on workshop, tour of the WindShare turbine or rooftop solar array and a fact-finding treasure hunt.

Our trips are available in the fall and spring. We offer custom excursions for all grade levels.
Wind Energy Tour Grade 4-8

Wind Energy Tour

Stand underneath a wind turbine in the heart of Toronto & learn how wind energy works

Solar Energy Tour Grade 4-8

Solar Energy Tour

Harness energy from the sun & see a rooftop solar array



Learning about energy isn’t just kids’ stuff! We offer interactive workshops, career exploration and field trips for Grades 9-12 with our unique focus on renewable energy.


All our workshops are available online and in-person due to COVID-19. We offer students the chance to explore their career goals or participate in dynamic workshops using renewable energy technology.
Solar Workshop Grade 9

Solar Workshop

Learn about the characteristics of electricity by using solar photovoltaic panels

Green Collar Careers Grade 9-12

Green Collar Careers

Career Exploration and Sustainability

Climate Change and Renewables Grade 9-12

Climate Change and Renewables

Hands-on science and technology workshop exploring climate and energy

Field Trips

Located at Exhibition Place in Toronto, our tours offer an informative, interactive and close-up look at some of Toronto’s renewable energy projects.

Field Trips can be tailored to your schedule and be combined with a hands-on workshop.
Renewable Energy Tours Grade 9-12

Renewable Energy Tours

See Toronto's downtown wind turbine or visit a rooftop solar installation

Indigenous Communities

Relay Education works with First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities to co-develop tailored education and skills building programs

Indigenous Community Programs

We offer custom education programs for Indigenous communities in Canada – from a one-day session on energy planning to a four-week skills building course

Indigenous Youth Programs Grade 1-8

Indigenous Youth Programs

Renewable energy workshops are available for Indigenous children and youth.

Indigenous Green Careers

Explore diverse careers and learn how you can make a positive impact based on your interests.