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Virtual Workshops and Programs Available during COVID-19 Relay Education offers a variety of delivery methods to keep students safe while learning during COVID-19 Learn more


All of our workshops are available in-person and online.

Explore the world of energy through our workshops where kids become engineers - building wind turbines and solar energy systems. Students investigate energy, conservation, and electricity topics with our team of professional facilitators.


All workshops are available virtually and in-person.

We lead dynamic workshops consisting of exciting demonstrations and interactive experiments using our unique wind, solar and biogas models. Workshops are linked to STEM curriculum and provide a comprehensive introduction to a unit or reinforce lessons already covered.

Where Water Flows

We will dive into your local water waterways and learn how to help protect them.

Concentrate on Conservation

Explore how energy transfers & simple ways to conserve energy

Capture the Wind

Build a model wind turbine and use it as a simple circuit to power a light bulb

Safety Spark!

we learn how to be safe using the mighty power of electricity

Renewable Energy Design Challenge

Students build their own renewable energy models

Plug in the Sun

Harness the energy of the sun using PV solar panels

Digest This!

Explore how the digestion of organic waste can be used as renewable energy

Design Challenges



Learning about energy isn’t just kids’ stuff! We offer interactive workshops, career exploration and field trips for Grades 9-12 with our unique focus on renewable energy.


All our workshops are available online and in-person. We offer students the chance to explore their career goals or participate in workshops using renewable energy technology.
Green Collar Careers Grade 9-12

Green Collar Careers

Career Exploration and Sustainability

Climate Change and Renewables Grade 9-12

Climate Change and Renewables

Hands-on science and technology workshop exploring climate and energy

Indigenous Communities

Relay Education works with First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities to co-develop tailored education and skills building programs

Indigenous Community Programs

We offer custom education programs for Indigenous communities in Canada – from a one-day session on energy planning to a four-week skills building course

Indigenous Youth Programs

Renewable energy workshops are available for Indigenous children and youth.

Indigenous Green Careers

Explore diverse careers and learn how you can make a positive impact based on your interests.