Plug in the Sun

Harness the energy of the sun using PV solar panels. Explore how electrical energy generation contributes to climate change.


Plug in the Sun is an interactive, curriculum-linked workshop focused on building the understanding of renewable energy and solar power. Students will learn about solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems, and how solar panels have been used in a variety of innovations. Using interactive experiments, students will discover how angles, light colour and certain elements can affect the energy output of solar panels.

Overview of the workshop:

  1. Importance of electrical energy
  2. Basic understanding of renewable and non-renewable energy
  3. Climate Change & Greenhouse Gas Effect – what is it?
  4. Solar Panels & Solar Farms – how they work, solar innovations
  5. Interactive experiments with mini solar panels

All workshops will be suited to meet the relevant Science and Technology curriculum links for your class.

Workshop Fees

Virtual Workshop: $150

In Person Workshop: $210