Capture the Wind

Learn how energy can be transformed into electricity using wind turbines


Capture the Wind is a curriculum-linked workshop, which examines electricity, circuits, and renewable energy, and specifically focuses on wind power. Students will learn how wind energy can be harnessed for electricity and will discover through experiments why wind turbines are designed with certain components in mind. Throughout the workshop, students will have opportunities to answer questions and engage with the content.

Overview of the workshop:

  1. Electrical energy – How we use it, and basic circuits
  2. Basic understanding of renewable and non- renewable energy
  3. Climate Change & Greenhouse Gas Effect – what is it?
  4. Wind Turbines & Wind Farms – how they are built, challenges and benefits
  5. Interactive experiments with mini wind turbines

All workshops will be suited to meet the relevant Science and Technology curriculum links for your class.

Workshop Fees

Virtual Workshop: $150

In Person Workshop: $210