Greenhouses – Sustainable Agriculture Courses

May 1st, 2023 to December 31st, 2023

Greenhouses – Sustainable Agriculture Courses


Courses to learn how to grow food sustainably in greenhouses

Event Details

The Sustainable Agriculture training course is a four-week program that will provide participants with the ability to build and work on gardens in a greenhouse. Training will include growing food, creating a food security project and learning how to build a greenhouse. Participants will gain knowledgneeded to grow food sustainably in northern climates. 

This program is part of the Green Skills Academy run by Relay Education and is being delivered in partnership with Green Iglu. The courses are being offered in specific Indigenous communities in 2023. Courses are not open to the general public.

Where the greenhouse courses are happening:

Time Commitment:

This course is 120 hours completed over multiple weeks with flexible timing. Details below provide an example of the breakdown of the course hours required.


Building greenhouse on-site – 30 hours

Gardening workshops on-site – 30 hours

Homework – 30 hours

Online learning – 30 hours


Questions? Reach out to Jessica Wilson, Program Coordinator, for more information.