Young man’s pursuit of a renewable world



Author: Kelly Park, Communications Manager

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Please note this story was originally shared in 2017, so details and facts are from that time.

I want to re-tell you the story of a young 21 year-old Anishinaabe man named Forrest Wolfe. Forrest is  from Kettle and Stoney Point First Nation.

When Forrest was in high school he didn’t know what career he wanted to pursue in the future. Until, at the age of 18, he participated in a Relay Education renewable energy program in 2014.

Forrest reflected, “Relay Education’s program increased my awareness and inspired me to make a change in the world. As an Indigenous youth, we care about the environment a lot, so if we can do anything to prevent global warming I support that.”  

It had a big impact on him. Now, Forrest is 21 and a college student at Fanshawe in London, Ontario. He’s studying to become a Renewable Energy Technician.  

Caption: Forrest Wolfe pictured in the middle with two other participants during a solar training workshop in 2017.

“Relay Education aligns with my values. The program increased my awareness and showed what I can do to help prevent climate change. Like pursing a job in the renewable energy sector, said Forrest. 

He’s taking action to create a better future for  all of us. I hope you feel inspired that Forrest is able to pursue a stable job that also allows him to create change. 

“I feel like my generation is more aware of what’s happening with the world and with environmental issues like climate change,” Forrest says.

“We need to take action, because we’re going to be the generation that has to deal with these problems.”

Forrest was one of thousands of young people who learned about green careers and energy, which is made possible by our amazing supporters. Our generous and faithful supporters are providing youth with opportunities to gain new insights about job opportunities, find internships at green companies and explore renewable energy.