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Written by Kelly Park, Communications Manager

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In October 2020, we launched In the Green Chair Podcast as part of the Green Collar Careers program. The episodes showcase outstanding people who are working in the different types of green careers that we talk about with teens in our workshops.

Each episode introduces listeners to a professional who shares about their job, passions and experiences. We also ask them to recommend something to read that inspires them. Here is the list of books from our wonderful guests, along with links to their episodes. For those who didn’t recommend a book, we’ve included a relevant video or document about them or their work.

Make sure to listen to In the Green Chair to learn about green careers from inspiring Canadians.


Episode 1: Akil Mesiwala, Entrepreneur 

Video: The easiest way to set up a $10 worm bin 

Listen to Akil:  “Running your own green business” 

Akil Mesiwala, founder of The Box of Life, a social enterprise that makes composting kits, so people can compost easily at home. Learn how Akil is helping people divert food waste from landfill, how we can use this ‘waste’ as a resource and the story of how The Box of Life began.


Episode 2: Katie Krelove, Environmental Campaigner

Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer 

“She is an Indigenous knowledge keeper and a biology professor, and she does an amazing job of finding the links and showing the differences between western environmental and scientific knowledge and Indigenous knowledge.”

Listen to Katie: “Protecting the wilderness” 

Katie Krelove is the Ontario Campaigner for Wilderness Committee. Katie works to build relationships and advocate for wilderness preservation for the benefit of all in Ontario.


Episode 3: Mike Schreiner, Politician

Open Letter to Premier Ford on Schedule 6 of Bill 229

Listen to Mike: “Civic action with Ontario’s Green Party Leader”

Mike Schreiner is the Member of Provincial Parliament for Guelph and the Leader of Ontario’s Green Party. Learn about civic action, environmental advocacy, and what it’s like to work in Queen’s Park.


Episode 4: Lindsey Swartzman, Business Development Manager

The Future of Packaging: From Linear to Circular by Tom Szaky 

Listen to Lindsey:  “A circular economy”

Lindsey Swartzman is the Business Development Manager at Terracycle Canada. Learn about circular economies, her journey to working in business, and how she helps companies divert their waste.


Episode 5:  Shivani Chotalia, Manager of Engineering and Community Partnerships

Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way we Make Things by Michael Braungart and William McDonough 

Listen to Shivani: “How we capture electricity”

Shivani Chotalia is the Manager of Engineering and Community Partnerships at NRStor. Learn about energy storage, choosing to study Engineering, and how to find your dream job. 


Episode 6: Patrice Mousseau, Conscious Entrepreneur

The Dirty Dozen: Toxic Chemicals and the Earth’s Future by Bruce E. Johansen 

Listen to Patrice: “Ethical business and organic skincare”

Patrice Mousseau, owner and founder of Satya Organic – a natural, clean skin care company. Learn how she created her own skincare product to treat her daughter’s eczema and grew it into an international business that upholds sustainable practices.


Episode 7: Candace Campo, Anthropologist and Business Owner

Video: My Spiritual Journey in the Pursuit of Being skalmmixw (A Human Being)

Listen to Candace: “Storytelling and cultural anthropology” 

Candace Campo, Co-Owner of Talaysay Tours, a First Nations Sechelt (shishálh) owned and operated eco tour company, with an emphasis on education in First Nations history and culture, art, ecological practices, and outdoor adventure. Learn about Candace’s lifelong journey of being an educator, anthropologist and storyteller.


Episode 8: Melinda Zyatruk, Passive House Builder and General Manager

Report: Spaces and Places of Exclusion: Mapping Rental Housing Disparities for Toronto’s Racialized and Immigrant Communities by Beth Wilson, Naomi Lightman, and Luann Good Gingrich

“The recent research report shows there’s a huge correlation in Toronto between substandard housing and newcomers and racialized communities. It’s a shame for the city. It should never have occurred. A lot of bad policy decisions that don’t need to be made. Fortunately we can fix it, but it’s an urgent, urgent need need. And as you said a holistic approach is really necessary.”

Listen to Melinda: “Green buildings and construction”

Melinda Zytaruk is the General Manager of the Fourth Pig Green Construction and CEO of Tooketree Passive Homes. Learn about sustainable buildings at all stages of construction and how Melinda applies her passion for a sustainable future in the projects she builds.