Introducing Relay

Author: Kelly Park, Communications Manager

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Hi there! Nice to see you. We’re Relay Education, formerly known as TREC Education.

In February 2018, TREC Education rebranded and officially became Relay Education. We have a new name and appearance to match our vibrant programs and activities.

We want people to feel empowered when they engage with us and to know we are inclusive, energetic and vital. We are the same hard-working team behind a new name and look.

Read our top 3 frequently asked questions about our new brand

1. Why did you change your name?

Our programming has grown tremendously since launching the charity as ‘TREC Education’ in 2011. The time was right for us to discover and develop a new look, which would carry us into the next phase of our work across Canada. Our new name is easy to remember and speaks to our character.

2. Why Relay?

The name ‘Relay’ encapsulates the spirit of the organization because it speaks to change and transference. Both in regards to a device that directs electrical current (a relay switch), but also to a vital change to our energy sources for future generations.

Other meanings and characteristics of Relay:

3. Are you changing your focus or programs?

Nope! We are still leaders in renewable energy education. We will continue to offer the same diverse range of youth and adult programs and plan to expand our programming to reach more Canadians every year.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can email me or give us a call at 416-583-2233 or toll-free 866-308-6898.