2020/21 School Year Report



Written by: Kelly Park, Communications Manager

What a strange and transformative year. At the end of the school year in June 2020 we were not in a place of reflection. We were living day to day until schools closed for the summer, and then sought rest as summer began. Today, we’re feeling similar, but there’s more space to look at what we achieved.


In a normal year, we delivered over 800 education programs and engaged with upwards of 19,000 people. But even through the trials and tests of 20-21 we delivered 692 programs and activities to 12,940 people.

We launched new virtual workshops, including Safety Spark, Green Economy, Where Water Flows and others.

It was a successful year in educating and inspiring people about building a 100% renewable energy future.

We’ve wrapped up some of our accomplishments below:

21,460 hours of interactive learning about clean energy and the green economy

Our workshops provide in-depth learning opportunities for children and adults. Online learning is now the norm and Relay Education is providing opportunities for people to come together and learn about environmental topics.

Despite the lack of in-person teaching, we utilized technology and software to ensure learning was exploratory and interactive for participants.

We look forward to utilizing both in-person and online learning next school year to offer the best learning experiences for youth.

14,307 workshop participants

Through 720 workshops, over 14,900 workshop participants* learned about renewable energy, energy conservation, climate change, science and technology, and green careers. Relay Education offers a range of educational experiences to youth, so a portion of them will take part in multiple workshops which provides deeper and continuous learning.

This year we taught:

12,388 elementary workshop participants

1,919 secondary workshop participants

*When speaking about workshop participants, these figures include some of the same children, as a portion of them participate in multiple workshops. Our individual youth total differs from our total workshop participants numbers because of this.

Coast to coast to coast

Relay offers programs in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Highlights include delivering our first international virtual workshop with families in New York state, having our wind energy activities delivered to remote communities in Nunavut and holding our first Canada-wide children’s education festival with 681 students online.

Green Careers

The Green Careers program is helping youth become workers in the green economy. We connect young people with opportunities in environment, sustainability, and clean energy. This year, we delivered multi-week renewable energy training programs in different parts of the country with Indigenous youth from Walpole Island First Nation, Cowessess First Nation, Elsipogtog First Nation and St. Mary’s First Nation.

We will have more internship and training available for youth in green careers this year and look forward to continue evolving this part of our Green Careers program.

Thank you

Thanks to participants, teachers, partners, and supporters for their participation in our programs. We look forward to what the next school year brings.


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