2018/19 School Year Report


Author: Kelly Park, Communications Manager

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What a tremendous year for energy literacy. 18,891 people experienced hands-on learning in 826 educational programs from July 2018 to June 2019. We launched new programs, traveled to new regions and increased program delivery in already established regions across Canada.

It was a successful year in furthering our mission to educate and inspire people in building a 100% renewable energy future.

We’ve wrapped up some of our accomplishments below:

49,804 face-to-face hours of green energy education

Our workshops provide in-depth and in-person learning opportunities for children and adults. As digital experiences continue to increase and our time without screens lessens, Relay is providing moments for people to work together to increase their understanding of green topics.

Technology is utilized in our workshops, but is based in self-directed and exploratory methods using solar panels, model wind turbines and science equipment for learning.

All our education programs focus on providing the appropriate amount of direction and topic background, but then supplying the activities for participants to take learning into their own hands using renewable energy technology, science equipment and unique curriculum content.

21, 895 workshop participants

Through 826 workshops, over 21,000 workshop participants** learned about renewable energy, energy conservation, science, technology, and green careers. Relay Education offers a range of educational experiences to youth, so a portion of them will take part in multiple workshops which provides deeper and continuous learning.

This year we taught:

18,452 elementary workshop participants

3,443 secondary workshop participants

500+ Indigenous participants from over 15 communities

This is a 30% increase overall than the year before.

**When speaking about workshop participants, these figures include some of the same children, as a portion of them participate in multiple workshops. Our individual youth total differs from our total workshop participants numbers because of this.

Coast to coast to coast

Relay offers programs in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Nova Scotia. New this year, we launched programs in Regina, teaching over 700 elementary and secondary youth. The workshops had news TV coverage on CTV Regina and Global Regina. Read the story on CTV Regina’s website.

We also traveled to northern Canada for the first time, delivering solar energy workshops in Arviat, Nunavut to over 120 kids and adults. Our Executive Director wrote a story about the trip on the blog, which you can read here.

Green Collar Careers

The Green Collar Careers program is addressing the shortage of skilled workers in the green economy. We are connecting young people with opportunities that have a focus on environmental stewardship, sustainability, and energy. This year, we have evolved the program beyond a careers workshop and are offering internships, mentorships, and on the job learning for program participants.


We want to recognize our participants, teachers, partners, and supporters for their participation in working towards a 100% renewable energy future in Canada. Thank you. We look forward to what the next school year brings.