Grade 4-8

Solar Energy Tour

Experience solar energy first hand with a tour of a rooftop PV project and hands-on solar workshop.


Visit the Exhibition Place solar array, a 100 kilowatt PV installation on the roof of the Horse Palace. Learn how the sun’s energy is harnessed to produce electricity, and how this demonstration project was one of the first of its kind in Toronto. Suitable for all grade levels, this tour can be combined with the Grade 5/6 solar workshop.

Field Trip duration: 2 hours. We can accommodate up to 2 classes at once.

Please note: We work closely with our partners at Exhibition Place to gain access to the solar array on their building’s rooftop. There is a 2-week minimum booking date required in order to secure the tours.

Field Trips are offered in the fall and spring.

Workshop Description

Plug in the Sun is a curriculum linked workshop, which focuses on solar energy as a form of renewable energy. Activities include constructing miniature solar photovoltaic panels, identifying the best angle for electricity generation, evaluating the concept of shading and measuring the amount of energy various solar panels can produce. Students will also wire their solar panels in series and parallel circuits to see the effect that shading has on the solar panels. Students will engage in a discussion about solar power, electricity, and renewable energy.


First Class: $160

Additional Classes: $120 each